Silicone Gel Pads for 3M Peltor

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Silicone Gel Pads for 3M Peltor

These replacement Silicone Gel ear pads are designed to be compatible with a wide variety of different 3m Peltor hearing defenders. These ear pads are a great option if you’re looking to upgrade the comfort and fit of your existing hearing protection.

We have tested these and found them to perfectly fit on the Peltor Sportac, WS Sportac, Protac III and the X4A passive. They should fit the rest of the Peltor lineup too.

One of the key benefits of these ear pads is how easy they are to install. They simply click firmly into place, replacing the original foam pads on your hearing defenders. No fitting or modification is required. To remove them, hook your fingers under their base from the center, and pull sharply.

Once the Gel ear pads are in place, you’ll immediately notice how comfortable they are to wear. The gel pads are designed to conform perfectly to the shape of your head, providing a snug and secure fit. In addition, they create a tight seal around the arms of your shooting glasses, working to block out noise and protect your hearing. And the sonic weld assembly between the hard plastic base and gel pad assures long lasting durability. No risk of these coming apart in extreme heat or harsh conditions.

We’re confident that you’ll love the fit, comfort, and performance of these replacement Gel ear pads.