Olight Magnetic Remote Switch for Warrior X Pro

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The RWX is our brand-new pressure switch built specifically for the Warrior X featuring a noiseless and a sensitive pad for perfect switch manipulation. The coiled cable extends the reach of the switch to around 0.8 meters. The RWX is securely connected to the flashlight body magnetically which is a first for the industry. The switch pad includes a long, wide, and tightly wrapped elastic strip allowing the entire surface to easily be activated. The RWX is the perfect weapon attachment accessory for your Warrior X.


Natural length of the coiled cable is 0.25m while reaching 0.8m when fully stretched.
The RWX and Warrior X are two independent products connected to each other for extended weapon operation.
The RWX is securely connected to the flashlight body magnetically.
Silent switch to conceal the user’s position.
Convenient switch pad. The RWX includes a long and elastic contact strip allowing the user to press anywhere on the pad
to activate the switch

Compatible with PL-PRO, Javelot PRO and Warrior X.

45g / 1.56 oz

AL6061-T6 Aluminium Alloy & Heatshrink tubing