Glock Performance Trigger Gen5

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Glock Performance Trigger Gen5

Passend für folgende Pistolen in 9×19 mm
G17 Gen5
G19 Gen5
G26 Gen5
G34 Gen5


The GLOCK Performance Trigger meets the requirements
of those looking for a lighter trigger pull and ergonomics in
a performance setting. This new trigger option delivered as
a completed set of the trigger with trigger bar and trigger
mechanism housing is now available as a drop-in accessory.
It must be installed by a certified GLOCK Armorer.
The GLOCK Performance Trigger is externally, visually
identifiable by a newly designed flat-faced trigger if viewed
from the side. It still incorporates the trigger safety and the
other safety features of the GLOCK Safe Action® System
remain fully functional. Operators and professional sport
shooters have tested the GLOCK Performance Trigger and
their comments are enthusiastic.
The GLOCK Performance Trigger for a range of 9 mm
Luger pistols will be available for purchase starting soon.