Emergency Bandage 15x350cm

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Modell: Emergency Bandage 15x350cm

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“The emergency bandage is an elasticized bandage with a non-adhesive bandage pad sewn in. The bandage has a built-in pressure bar, which allows the person to twist the bandage around the wound once, and then change the direction of the bandage, wrapping it around the limb or body part, to create pressure on the wound. Aside from this, the pressure bar also makes bandaging easier. A closure bar at the end of the bandage means that it clips neatly into place and will not slip.

The bandages are similar to elastic bandages that are used to treat sprain injuries, but they have three features that are unique to them:
the sterile non-adhering dressing that is designed to allow removing the bandage without reopening a wound.
the pressure applicator or the pressure bar that is placed directly over the wound to stop the bleeding by applying pressure. It allows to wrap the bandage around a wound in different directions. This is a useful feature for stopping bleeding in groin and head injuries.
The closure bar that is used to secure the bandage and to apply additional pressure to a wound. The closure bar can be used by a “simple sliding motions with one hand.”

Military doctors Nolan Shipman and Charles S Lessard write in Military Medicine journal that “The emergency bandage’s sterile, nonadherent pad applies pressure to any site, can be easily wrapped and secured, and has an additional application, similar to a tourniquet, to further constrict blood flow”

Size: 15cm x 350 cm